melodic death metal

Lyrics "Portrait of the fallen"


They told us to join the force - it's like a kind of game
Travel to foreign lands- it's like paid holidays
They trained us for seven month to become a warmachine
That is what we thought we are on the way to the airfield

But what I've seen on the field of war are things I can't explain
wounded bodies everywhere screams of endless pain
I was shocked I whirled around in this horrific scene
the earth was soaking of the blood of my buddies next to me

Deep in my heart, deep in my soul - I feel the endless fall
The death of my senses
Like a tiger in his cage lonesome with his rage
Death of my senses

When I returned home I was not the same
For all of the blood I've seen my mind fades away
My family was so confused they could not take this anymore
The government won't help with the trauma that I got

Now I'm sitting home alone with a gun in my hand
oh the steel feels cold but great it's whispering my name
Will anybody care when I leave this world? - I kill myself

So I close my eyes and take a deep breath
thinking of the shit I've done I never will forget
Then I began to smile only for a while - I kill myself

This is the art of war when you survive and come back home
but then nightmares haunt you when you close your eyes
Isolation that is the price for your sacrifice and leads you to death

Shanghai nights

Walk through the streets what do you see
glamorous scene an Asian dream
Business men all around morality lies on the ground

The juggernaut - hot-bed of sin
the poor they have no space to live
It's like a run for dirty gold for people who have sold their soul

Shanghai nights it is the place where money talks in the clubs above
Shanghai nights it's just a dream where a nation lost it's identity

The mighty rape mother earth for profit and acknowledgement
worker risk their health their lives
our wealth was based on lies

I went to the elders to an old friary
and words full of wisdom they said to me
Greed is the ruin of faith, culture and grace
to tend to richness will destroy the entire race

And natures cries

The Man behind

Wake up at morning with shaky hands
your body needs another toxic wave
the injection filled with "H"
is what you call seize the day

Black in mind - death in sight
your final breath - awaits

Look into the mirror, tell me what you see
is this the person you want to be?
No I can't accept this, no I can't agree
It's your life - not destiny

You sell yourself, you've sold your soul
to the man behind, who takes control
He's the one betrayed you twice
he takes all your money doesn't care about your life

Go out at nightfall you start to roam
the sidewalk is your second home
You offer yourself to get abused
and you're afraid to face the truth

Black in mind - death in sight
your final breath - awaits

Remember the days when you were a child
your heart was innocent and full of dreams
Until the day you made the wrong decision
and everything you feel is pain


The cold wind blows at night through empty streets
midnight has come my time to rise from hell

On silent wings I fly you can not hide
remember the day my suicide

And I watch you sleep yes I am there
I stand beside your bed - every night
You look so innocent your peaceful sleep
Can't wait until that day I take your soul

I whisper in your ears make you insane
no you can't see me through the veil of tears

I can smell your fear - my cold embrace
and I hold you tight your soul will fade away

I gave you all I could give but you refused to see
I offered everything but it was in vain
Through your death I'm free and descend to eternity

End of days

Ancient gods are waiting to reclaim their thrones
For centuries mankind has failed we worshipped other ones

we shall awake

Self-appointed prophets tell us what to believe
so a new religion full of lies was born

This is the end of days the fallen ones rise from their graves
lightning strike across the sky, this is the day when mankind dies
Here we are and face the wind, we're the ones, we're the god damned saints

Under the veil of charity they spread adopted greed
Debaucheries with minors inside the palace made of gold

The bible is the book of books but for whom not me
words of wisdom for the blind who stop to think

In nomine - sanctus
In nomine - sanctus
In nomine - sanctus
In nomine - sanctus

I believe in myself - in what I do
I don't need nobody who tells me what is right or wrong

Stand alone

When all is lost and gone nothing is left in your final hour
and deadly silence is the only sound nobody's there when you look around

Leave me - alone
Let me - be

Death and destruction the world will not rest in peace till I have found my place to live
Restless I'm walking in circles through icy planes without emotions I do not care

Until the end of time - for the rest of my life
Deep inside I know- I stand alone

I'm blinded by the light of ignorance and senselessness
The only person you ever gave trust looks back from the mirror
when you look in

I'm bound forever to the dark
Oh frustration sprouds in me

So I seek for change but now it is to late
can't take this anymore so I say good-bye
I say good-bye

Lord of war

Lies become the truth when I speak
you will follow me to death that's what I need
Fear is planted in your mind so you don't see
You're a puppet on a string to serve my needs

Hatred - Hatred burns like fire
I'm the reason why these flames burn higher


Make you believe I will tell you what you want to hear
I bring you peace but at first I have to start a war

And all the people just hail me - I am the lord of war
and all the people just hail me- I am the lord of war

Fear the poison creeping through your empty veins
no emotions left in you to question me
I insist on obedience
slay all I don't accept

Hatred - Hatred burns like fire
I'm the reason why these flames burn higher


On the edge

I stand alone I face myself in a dark dream where I am lost
the demon in my head whispers in my mind
It's time for you to die

I hold my head I whirled around I try to ignore his deadly threats
feels like a burning blade scratching trough my skin
It's my mental hell

I stand on the edge facing the sorrow to release me from my pride
all what I've done at the end you will rot in your grave
When you're gone who remembers your name
Only a sand grain in the wind

Lonely days count lonely years one step to close no turning back
Deep inside I know I have lost the fight
I'm overwhelmed by night

I smash my head onto the wall see the bloody stripes my body falls
onto the dusty ground that's where I belong
my last farewell